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Searching for the Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans but when you read the small print they are not as good as you need it to be. Even if you don't need to sign a cell phone contract, many of the major carriers offer prepaid plans, and so do some of the little guys, but in order to find a serious deal, you need to look at this $49 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data/Internet on a Fast 4G Nationwide Coverage plan. Compare Prepaid Sprint, O2, Verizon, AT&T, etc... The following is an article by Alex and his last name is Colon. The 10 Best Cheap Prepaid Phone Plans You've Never Heard Of Net10, Page Plus Cellular, PlatinumTel Prepaid, Ready Mobile PCS MetroPCS Metro PCS Red Pocket Mobile, SIMple Mobile, Total Call Mobile Contract-based cell phones are the norm in the U.S., and for most people, they're the right way to go. But that doesn't mean that good deals for good service on good phones can't be found elsewhere. In fact, if you're an occasional cell phone users, make a lot of international calls, or want to use unlocked phones overseas, prepaid phones can save you a lot of money in the long run. The big four national wireless carriers offer prepaid options, and you've also probably heard of Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, and Virgin Mobile. We regularly cover all of these providers, but there are carriers you may never have heard of-and some of them are offering some pretty sweet plans. Here are 10 options you should check out before choosing a prepaid wireless plan.


Consumer Cellular offers simple, easy-to-understand monthly plans that will work for almost anyone. Offering national GSM coverage through at&t unlimited data, Consumer Cellular's lowest-cost monthly plan is strictly for the user who wants the comfort and accessibility a cell phone provides, but doesn't necessarily plan to make any calls. The low $10 monthly fee doesn't include any minutes at all, and each minute used will cost 25 cents. View SlideshowSee all (10) slides

Unlimited Data Plan - Text Talk & Voice Cell Phone Plan

Consumer Cellular's other monthly plans come with minutes at more reasonable rates. Its next least expensive package is $15 per month and includes 100 minutes of calling time, which works out to 15 cents per minute. The packages go all the way to $60 per month for 2,400 minutes (2.5 cents/minute). Text messaging is available separately, starting at $2.50 per month for 100 messages, up to $30 a month for 5,000 messages. Each of these plans also includes Web browsing, but the you don't get a lot of data (10MB with the $2.50 plan, 500MB with the $30 plan). Consumer Cellular sells Doro's simple phones; they're a Swedish company with unique, good-looking phones geared toward technophobes. We've reviewed and recommend the PhoneEasy 410gsm, which sells for $60.

Solavei Unlimited Talk, Text, Data 4G Nationwide Network

H2O Wireless runs on at&t unlimitedplan national GSM network, and offers plans by the month, day, or minute. Minute plans are available in $10, $20, $30, and $100 packages, which include 5-cent voice minutes and text messages, as well as 30 cents per MB for data. Day plans are available for $10 for 5 days, or $20 for 10 days, and get you unlimited talk and text. Monthly plans start at $25. That gets you voice calls for 2.5 cents per minute, text messages for 2.5 cents per text, or data for 30 cents per MB. You also get $5 free for international calling anywhere in the world. Other monthly plans include unlimited talk and text. $40 comes with 20MB of data, $50 gets you 500MB, and $60 is for 2GB. You can get the refurbished Samsung Solstice for $85 at H2O's website. Sprint-based Kajeet bills itself as "the smart phone for kids." Every service plan comes with Kajeet's suite of online parental controls. This allows parents to monitor who children can talk and text with, the times when the phone may be used, how much money may be spent, and what features may be accessed. Plans start as low as $4.99 per month. That includes 10 minutes of call time, as well as text messages for 10 cents and picture messages for 25 cents. A $19.99 monthly plan includes unlimited text and picture messaging, as well as 150 voice minutes. $24.99 per month gets the same plan but with 300 voice minutes and a GPS phone locator, while $50 per month includes unlimited texts, picture messages, voice minutes, and GPS phone locator. Data rates are costly, at $4.99 for 50MB, $14.99 for 200MB, and 1GB for $24.99, so you'll probably want to limit the surfing. Kajeet's phones are also a bit pricey, but there you get a nice range of options sure to appeal to teens. The LG Optimus S, pictured in the slideshow, is available in black or purple for $299.99 which is very cost prohibitive.